Should you buy insurance from your bank?

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People often start thinking about personal risk insurances – life, trauma, total permanent disablement, mortgage and income cover – when they buy their first home. This makes sense as those without dependents or large debt can get by a bit easier if an illness or injury stops them working for an extended period of time. However, once you buy a … Read More

How’s your Financial Health?

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Do you find yourself spending a lot of time worrying about money? Are you prepared to pay for Christmas – gifts, food, travel? Survey research from BNZ – published in a recent NZ Herald article – has revealed that the number of New Zealanders living pay cheque to pay cheque has increased from 30% in February this year to 41% … Read More

Think back to the last time you bought something…

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I’m not talking about weekly groceries or putting petrol in your car. I’m talking about a bigger ticket item like a new TV, a car or a holiday. Think about that last big purchase and remember all the time you spent researching it. If it was a TV you bought then you probably spent hours online researching what brand of TV, … Read More

Today I learnt dinosaurs still roam our earth

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Let’s hope you still think it’s about the people. I’ve recently spent time going around HRINZ events meeting HR contractors and managers. I’ve listened to experts talk about governance of companies and the role of HR. My take home from my travels was this; You can only fake caring for your employees for so long before they and everyone else … Read More

Don’t Forget Your Children


I was recently watching the children’s classic Home Alone with my son.   Everyone was crammed onto the sofa with what we call “movie friends” (chips and popcorn). It got to the part when one of the burglars puts his head through the cat door which lights the torch and sets his head on fire (which I know I shouldn’t laugh … Read More

It feels like I’m being mugged every day!


I was in the supermarket last night standing at the checkout with our week’s worth of groceries piled on the conveyer belt. I had zoned out and could not hear my son asking for the tractor which is just something he asks for whether there is a tractor there or not. I couldn’t hear the hum of the supermarket; the … Read More

Last Christmas


A weekend away at Christmas in a sleepy little seaside town It’s Christmas Eve so after checking the forecast we decided to go out for an early morning Christmas fish. We checked the lines, bought the bait, put the cookies out for Santa and the boat on my car in front of the house ready to go bright and early. … Read More

How to Remove a Champagne Cork


I had an experience recently that I just have to share with you, It Started Like A Normal Night… Our extended family out for an evening, at a lovely little Japanese restaurant. On arrival I handed a bottle of Champagne to a young Argentinean waitress, who said she was not sure if it was ok, she would have to ask … Read More