Don’t Forget Your Children


I was recently watching the children’s classic Home Alone with my son.   Everyone was crammed onto the sofa with what we call “movie friends” (chips and popcorn).

It got to the part when one of the burglars puts his head through the cat door which lights the torch and sets his head on fire (which I know I shouldn’t laugh at but it cracked me up).  So I’m laughing out loud and I turn to see my son looking at me.  A flash of this not being a good example to set ran through my mind, but I then immediately thought to myself, “How could I forget you?”

Comical, but far too often

The movie was a far-out comical story that only Hollywood could make seem probable, but I realised that this happens all the time when it comes to a family’s insurance.

When we make a recommendation to a client about their insurance cover one of the first things we discuss is including their children.

One father’s example

One father I was talking to said they wanted to add their child because they have to wait between 3 and 6 months for an operation to fix problems they were having with his ears, which they hope will also stop the problems he is having with his balance.  The insurance won’t cover that operation for him now, because it is already happening, but from this time forward he’ll be covered for other situations which might arise.

If only his son had been covered in the first 90 days – all those problems would have gone away..

Whilst we know that our kids are going to grow up to likely be able to fight off burglars with a BB gun and order in pizza, they need our help at the start.

Don’t miss out

Don’t leave it until its too late, it’ll take you 5 minutes – just give us a ring on
0800 222 511 to get things sorted for your new little one.

p.s. Not a parent? You might know someone who is, pass our details on………

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