Today I learnt dinosaurs still roam our earth

Ben Shirleyblog

life12Let’s hope you still think it’s about the people.
I’ve recently spent time going around HRINZ events meeting HR contractors and managers. I’ve listened to experts talk about governance of companies and the role of HR.

My take home from my travels was this;
You can only fake caring for your employees for so long before they and everyone else catch on.

Fresh from my inspiring HRINZ events I had the opportunity to meet a new group.
What I learnt from this meeting was…
Dinosaurs still roam our earth

The dinosaur I’m talking about is an HR manager and he had no idea about looking after people. He had spent so long in an environment he had forgotten what he was there for.

Slightly deflated after our meeting I quickly decided there were better people to spend our time and resources on and I sensed he was a lost cause.
After all you can’t turn a dinosaur around in a hallway.

So if you can turn around in a hallway then pick up the phone and have a chat… one expert to another. 0800 222 511