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What We Did For SILC;
Since 1998 we have administered a group Health Insurance Scheme for SILC.
In 2007 we reviewed their benefits and helped SILC introduce a new Income Protection scheme as part of their remuneration package to key staff.
SILC Ltd, a wholly owned entity of SILC Charitable Trust, provides support service to people who have a disability. SILC believes people with disabilities should be able to live ordinary lives in a community of their choosing and have access to a continuum of support.  We believe people with disabilities should be supported in a manner that is empowering and allows the individual to feel valued, respected and have a sense of belonging.  They should feel they have a real life, a real home, real friends and are in charge of their own destiny.  SILC sees its role as being of service to the person to assist in ensuring that these expectations can be achieved and maintained. | 07 571 1262