Think back to the last time you bought something…

Ben Shirleyblog

I’m not talking about weekly groceries or putting petrol in your car. I’m talking about a bigger ticket item like a new TV, a car or a holiday.

Think about that last big purchase and remember all the time you spent researching it.
If it was a TV you bought then you probably spent hours online researching what brand of TV, what type of screen and how it would connect to your phone. You would have read reviews or watched reviews of several different TVs on YouTube.
You might have then worked out which shop had the best deal and taken the time to visit a couple of them to see the TV and to also see if you can talk the price down.

You would have talked it over with a couple of friends and family and only after you knew all there was to know about the refresh rate, how much power it uses and whether it’s best for watching sports or movies, would you put your hand in your pocket and know you made the right choice.
Because it’s an important decision you just made. There’s a lot at stake; I’m talking about hours of quality viewing time that could be affected by this one decision.

Now think about getting sick and needing an operation.
Have you given the same kind of attention to your health insurance cover?

We are always too busy when it comes to working on some of the really important things in our lives like making sure we are covered and our family will be taken care of.
What’s a couple of hours of your life worth to you and your family if it’s used to make sure everyone’s looked after?
We all love to do the fun things like plan holidays and buy TVs but next time you’re making those plans take a minute to think if you and your family are covered.