How to Remove a Champagne Cork


I had an experience recently that I just have to share with you,

It Started Like A Normal Night…
Our extended family out for an evening, at a lovely little Japanese restaurant. On arrival I handed a bottle of Champagne to a young Argentinean waitress, who said she was not sure if it was ok, she would have to ask the chef and that it was her first night.  A minute later she came with a wine bucket full of ice and then asked if we would like her to open the bottle. I said that would be great so she started.

The group held their breath…
It is funny how even with family who have known each other for a lifetime that while she was removing the foil seal from the cork of the bottle there was silence, slightly uncomfortable silence, almost holding breath silence. It took a while so we were relieved when she finally removed the foil which meant we were seconds away from full glasses and a toast.  She stopped and looked up and apologised, saying it was her first night and she was new to being a waitress. She didn’t seem nervous and had a look on her face of being comfortable in her surroundings,
So where were we… ah that’s right she is about to remove the cork.

And Then It Happened…
With everyone trying not to look but at the same time watching her about to remove the cork, with both hands around the champagne bottle, she gave it three almighty shakes and then started to twist the cork out of the bottle. Well if you can imagine a table of “mature” adults diving for cover in a Japanese restaurant then you’ll have a pretty good picture of our table.  Luckily as she was standing next to me I was able to grab the top of the bottle and stop her from releasing the cork before we had a scene from a formula one winner’s podium.  But the thing that sticks in my memory the most was her complete surprise at our reaction.
“What,” she said, “isn’t that how you open champagne?”

Why Do I Share This…?
This story came to mind the other day while I was meeting with a client.  It made me think there is more than one way to open a bottle of champagne; one way you lose half the bottle and get champagne all over the table and a cork in the eye and the other takes a little more time but you get a to hear a whisper from a bottle that has matured over time giving it depth and complexity, and after the bottle is poured you will find everyone’s glass is full and everyone has been taken care of.

It is a little like taking out life cover…
Quick and carefree might be the way you approach shopping for jandals in the two dollar shop but we would recommend taking a more considered approach to looking after your family.
So if you’re ready to be taken through a process to help make sure you’ll get the most out of your cover then give me a call

p.s. We can also look after you if you just want to shake the bottle of champagne and rip the cork out.