The 5 Things to look for in a good group adviser


If you’ve decided you’re not interested in doing groups then you need to work out how to pass them on without getting burnt.



#1 Trust

You already look after the key people so the first thing to trust is the adviser won’t steal your private risk.


#2 Trust

You need to have trust they will take care of your group and won’t make you look bad.


#3 Trust

There needs to be trust that you’re dealing with experts so the introduction won’t come back to bite you on the arse.


#4 Trust

You need to trust your doing the right thing and the key people in the group will love you for it.


#5 Trust

Apart from doing the right thing for you and the group you need to trust you will get something out of the introduction

Andrew said:
“It was great, all I did was introduce the group to GHL and when the group went live they paid me a fee”

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