The 5 Points to getting rid of the group you don’t want

Who will take them?
You might think that no one wants the group you have, let alone pay for the group.  Well that’s not true.  Groups are some adviser’s bread and butter.  We have all of our systems and processes built around groups.



#1 We Do

But who would want the pain in the neck group?
We do, we have lots of “pain in the next groups” and we love them.


#2 This way please

The key to exiting a group is to make sure it is in the best interests of the group.  If you don’t do groups and for another adviser they are their life, then it won’t be hard to show the group this.


#3 If You’ve Got the Time

What’s in it for me and the group?
More time, less expense and you get a fee for the introduction.  If you aren’t spending any time what so ever on the group then you’re likely to loose it at some stage.  Do it now and get paid for it.  The group now gets an expert looking after them.  They get the service they deserve and nothing gets missed.


#4 Just Do It

I haven’t spoken to them in over a year!
We have taken over groups from advisers in this situation and have had no trouble making contact and forming a relationship.


#5 Use It or Loose It

If you haven’t lost it yet you will.  Groups that aren’t getting looked after end up moving.  They start looking around and eventually they will find someone who actually wants them.  So act before they do.

They are already a pain in the neck.  Will I have to do anything?
The last two small groups we took over, all the adviser did was send us the group’s details and we did the rest.  The last large group we took over the adviser came to one face to face meeting and that was it.  Not a bad return for a single meeting.

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