The 5 points to getting a group

We can skip past marketing and start at a point where you already have a group you’re talking to.  There are 5 very important things to think of when trying to secure a group.



#1 Positioning

Going to a group with more than one option for them is an important part of positioning.  You’re not an agent for one insurer there to sell them a product, you’re there standing beside them, helping them through a process.  With only one option you’re as good as a bank teller selling a life product.


#2 Expertise/Know your Stuff

You bring access to your clients with “Options” but you also bring expertise to the table by knowing your stuff.  You need to be able to point things out to the group that they haven’t thought of.  You need to know the product and the insurer’s processes inside and out so there aren’t any surprises.


#3 The Offer

If you don’t bring anything more than going directly to an insurer then a group will only see you as a ticket clipper.  You are there to make the process easier from start to finish.  Take jobs off their hands and be there to look after their employees.  You need to explain your service level and how you can deliver it to them constantly.


#4 Double Talk

You are dealing with Owners, CEOs, HR and FCOs.  They have likely seen snake oil salesmen before so work out what is important to the company and the people you’re talking to.  Then work on delivering it to them.


#5 Track Record

You can talk about how good you are to people until you’re blue in the face, but it’s better to have other people talk about you.

John said:
“Couldn’t have been easier. I wasn’t in a position to look after the group, so I was happy I
could call on an expert to take it off my hands. And I got paid”.

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