The 5 ways to capitalise


If you don’t do groups there are still opportunities for you to capitalise on the relationships you already have.



#Fee for Intro

The first and easiest way to capitalise on the relationships you already have is to get paid for introducing the group to us.


#2 Risk Back

If you don’t do groups but want to do all the risk in the group then how about getting all the risk passed back to you.  That way you can concentrate on what you’re good at.


#3 Referrals

The access you’ll have to the group without doing any work will lead to referrals because you will be doing a great job with the personal risk rather than being caught up in all the group admin.


#4 Ring Fence

If the group is tied up with an adviser you have a working relationship with it’s less likely to be attached by a direct line or another adviser.  If both the group and the individual are dealing with experts then they won’t even think to look around because they will already have the best service.


#5 Good Will

Recognising your strengths and making sure the group business is well looked after will foster a stronger relationship with the key people in the group.  It all comes back to the client getting the best possible deal and service and that usually happens when they’re looked after by the people who stick to their knitting.

I’m sure you already knew the 5 ways to capitalise.  Now all you need to do is build it into your process and call us.

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