OK, you’ve got a group over the line and its “Gone Live”.  Now how do you run it so they get the service they deserve and you make a profit.



#1 Systems

Investing in systems saves time.  You don’t always need to spend money doing this but you need to take the time to analyse and develop systems specifically for your groups.  Not getting good systems in place will leave you chasing your tail or not servicing the group at all.


#2 Face to Face

You need to be seen in your groups.  Take each sign up as an opportunity to be seen.  You also get a chance to meet prospects and qualify them.  You get to position yourself as a person they will rely on for advice.  You get a chance to explain the cover upgrade options and adding their family.


#3 Communicate

You have some smart systems in place and they see you around so to keep building the repour you need to keep in front of them.  Communicate with your group, if the group only hears from you once a year when premiums go up then they will only associate you with premium increase.


#4 Claims

You are the person they see around, who signed them up face to face and who keeps them informed.  It’s only natural you handle important claims and are the person to call about the process of claiming.  You are the first person they call when they need something.  If you want to know why you’re positioning yourself as the person to call, then I can send you “The 5 Big Chances in Groups”.


#5 Scale

Spending time building custom systems, sending out special communications, meeting people face to face and handling all the calls that come in regarding claims is farming a group so you don’t loose them.  But spending all this time and effort on one group isn’t economical.  So you need to decide if you are going to dabble in groups and not do it properly, dabble in groups and loose money or not dabble at all.

The next step:
Well that is up to you.  Are you going to take the bull by the horns and do it properly?

The only other option is to get someone else to do it… Like us


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